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Learn How Jessica Bruny Thrived Online During an Uncertain Time

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There’s no better feeling than finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel, no matter the context. While the pandemic had many people concerned for their immediate and long-term futures, Jessica Bruny found a digital opportunity to truly live out her purpose.

Bruny’s work involves serving others, and in 2020, she decided to bring that to the digital marketplace. Her resources are invaluable to anyone trying to improve their mindset, especially during pandemic times. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a willingness to learn.

Uncertainty Leads to New Digital Business Opportunity

It isn’t all too surprising that 2020 showed some shocking statistics surrounding mental health. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that in June 2019, one in ten adults admitted to experiencing symptoms of anxiety. After the pandemic hit, that number rose to a concerning four in ten adults, all while access to healthcare was being reduced. Therapy sessions, fitness classes, and other health and wellness services were put to a halt just as the number of people needing these outlets was growing rapidly. Even with these things moving to the online space, there weren’t enough people providing services for the increasing number of people experiencing mental health and substance abuse issues.

In June of 2020, Jessica Bruny swooped into the digital space with her entrepreneurial spirit and Mindfulness Coaching business, Jessbeu. Just as the pandemic was reaching a peak, she was ready with an outlet for whoever needed it. After years of study, hands on practice, and contemplating opening a business online, she took the plunge.

Breaking Barriers with a Digital Presence

The importance of an online presence for a business is not a new concept. However, the idea that every type of business needs to somehow function in the digital space, is a very new concept. Rather than wait to see how things will turn out, businesses that were quick to adjust to changing circumstances had a much higher chance of surviving the economic crisis. Jessica is one of many entrepreneurs that were able to make something that positively impacts society out of distressing and uncertain circumstances.

A 2020 report in Forbes notes the impact of the pandemic on the digital market:

GoDaddy—the market leader of web hosting platforms, according to Datanyze—has seen a significant rise in the use of the company’s e-commerce products. According to the company, there was a 48% increase in new paying subscribers from February to April.

There’s no doubt that the circumstances of the pandemic led to whole new world of e-Commerce and remote connection. Entrepreneurs all over the world can connect unlike never, and customers are engaging in ways never seen before. Which means there is ample opportunity to utilize this newfound connection and market digital businesses in new way.  

Adapting to the Rapidly Growing eCommerce Industry and Digital Marketplace

With the way things are rapidly changing in eCommerce and marketing all over the world, it’s important that you adapt your business model accordingly. In speaking about how she was able to grow her business, Jessica emphasizes:

“This virtual presence has also opened a plethora of doors for people to connect with people around the world but also see how they can be able to share ideas, start businesses, meet new friends, begin new relationships,” she said. “It’s like no other.”

Whether you offer traditionally in-person services or already have a functioning online business, there’s an adjustment to be made. Engagement is higher than ever before with more people participating in online activities, working from home, and simply browsing the web. Think about how many more people are working remotely, probably with a lot freer time to browse and accidentally stumble upon your company. If you don’t have the right digital marketing outreach mechanisms in place, you stand to miss out on a lot of business. Many eCommerce businesses benefit from things like SMS Marketing and live chat, which helps to engage with your customers in real time.   

Making Personal Digital Connections

Rather than have some type of “one size fits all” service for her clients, Jessica implements personal consultations and phone calls to ensure that each program is set up to benefit clients as best as possible.

Similarly, that same care should be taken when planning out digital marketing tactics. Creating a marketing plan that fosters customer loyalty and keeps up with rising engagement is key. Nowadays, it’s almost too easy to go from one brand to another, which really benefits customers. With that in mind, entrepreneurs in eCommerce and other sectors of the digital space need to ensure their efforts are aligned with the competition. In today’s world of instant gratification, that all begins with direct and immediate contact with your audience and demographic.

A Digital Trend to Get on Board With

With more people online than ever, there is a growing opportunity to spread knowledge, compassion, and valuable products and services to the communities that need it most and in order to fulfill these types of missions, businesses need to have the right tools in place. While methods like e-mail and website contact forms might work on a smaller scale, they aren’t sustainable for a thriving business.

It’s no secret that millennials prefer to communicate via text message or through other instant forms of messaging, like social media. With Gen Z now making up a huge part of your audience, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are ready to keep up with the most digital-savvy generation. The days of e-mail marketing are not over, but you need to diversify your digital marketing efforts if you want to remain competitive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to customize these marketing channels to fit your business.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, of course you will be concerned about your ROI, or return on investment. Some ways to measure this performance are with response rates and open rates. Luckily, there is ample research available to help identify the performance of SMS marketing versus e-mail marketing. According to this research, you can expect about 20% of marketing e-mails to be opened by leads, whereas about 98% of text messages will at least be opened by potential customers. Unsurprisingly, it takes on average about a minute and a half to respond to a text message. When it comes to an e-mail, that changes to an hour and a half. These statistics alone should make you want to get your SMS marketing strategy in place as soon as possible.

Types of Engagement

You’ll want to implement your SMS marketing strategy in a way that fits your business model. There are several ways to engage with your customers depending on what your needs are. For example, this type of communication is perfect for alerts and reminders. If you have any sales or special offers coming up, this is a great way to make sure your customers are aware. You can include a shortened link with the message to make it even easier for them to engage with your business! Rather than requiring a physical reply, you have a call to action right there in front of them, that is likely to get a reaction in a matter of seconds. You can give customers the ability to opt-in or out of certain alerts and use that to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns as well. Remember, even if something doesn’t turn out as expected, it’s still very useful from a research perspective for when you develop your next plan.

Final Thoughts

A great digital marketing strategy has many components. With social engagement at record highs, it’s crucial that your business doesn’t get left behind. We are in a market that greatly benefits consumers right now because there are so many choices out there. Even more so, people don’t need to depend on the businesses that are local to them anymore. Someone can live in New York, get homemade hair products from Colorado, buy clothes from the UK, practice yoga over Zoom with someone in Bali, the options are nearly endless. Therefore, it matters so much that you stand out. Not only can you make sure to retain customers, but you’ll be able to reach new ones all over the world.

What works for one business might not work for another. Even for business owners that provide similar products or services, it’s important to fine-tune your strategy as much as possible. This will help you get the best ROI on your different campaigns. SMS marketing will allow you to bridge the gaps that other forms of communication fail to fulfill. E-mail marketing is still extremely important for more long-form content, so make sure that remains part of your strategy. Ideally, a balanced mix of digital marketing channels will set you up best for success and keep you competitive in today’s digital marketplace.   

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