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Social Media Marketing for Brands

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An effective way for brands of all kinds to reach prospective and current customers is through social media marketing. If you do not have an active social media marketing strategy for your brand, you are missing out. Whether you are speaking to your customers through the various social media platforms or not, the fact remains that your customers are already interacting with other brands through social media.

A good marketing strategy on social media can bring a brand into profound success, giving a resounding voice to your brand, generating leads, and driving huge sales.

Social Media Marketing Guidelines

The presence of various social media makes it possible for this form of online marketing which is carried out by creating content in form of images, videos, and text and sharing them on social media platforms to achieve the marketing goal of your brand.

Here are some guidelines to run successful social media marketing for your brand using both free and paid social media advertisements.

Content Research

Before going on to post your marketing content into the various social media platforms, you must have a well laid out plan. The first step in your plan should be keyword research, along with this is also researching what other similar brands are doing. This gives you accurate information about current trends and also helps you to generate brilliant content ideas that are relevant to your target audience.

Content Calendar

Without great content, all marketing effort is a waste of time and resources. A content calendar gives you an overview of content topics, dates, types, and all other information that ensures that you have great content posted consistently on various social platforms. You will find this truly valuable when preparing content that you will be posting over a period of time. It’s easier to assign duties and track brand image consistency and results using a content calendar.

Brand Style Consistency

Social Media enables your brand image to be projected across several social media platforms. Each platform has its uniqueness but your brand’s core identity must be maintained throughout all social media platforms. This ensures that you consistently strike the same core message to your target audience.

Content Promotion

Social media has become a very useful channel for sharing your content with real people, whether in the form of infographics, texts, images, or videos. You can promote your content using paid social ads which automatically increases your reach. It takes time to build a host of loyal people following you online, but when you pay the price of consistency and quality, your brand will be established across several social media platforms with lots of online followers.

Social Media Platform Uniqueness

For very effective social media marketing, it’s important to know the various social platforms and their unique user-base. Each platform is approached differently, hence it is required that you develop fitting strategies for each of them.

Here are some of the proven platforms:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Reddit

Implementing the right approach to social media marketing using these platforms puts your brand at a great advantage among its competition.

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Interested in Intrelligent?

Schedule a call with one of our marketing consultants to learn more.