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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Looking to convert social media advertising leads into customers? It’s time to instantly connect your sales team to leads when they’re at peak interest in your product.


Every industry is seeing an influx in competition and customers who want more from a brand before purchasing. In addition, traditional digital marketing is not bringing in the same amount or quality of leads that it used to, so finding new avenues to advertise in and better ways to convert leads into sales is a critical issue right now.

Larger organizations with huge budgets can just keep throwing money at the problem, more Google ads, more email marketing, more print advertising. If they can’t get quality, they will go for quantity and then sort leads out from there; that’s just not possible for smaller businesses.

Social media marketing with Facebook and Instagram puts your brand directly in front of leads. You’re utilizing traffic already being driven to these social media sites and using their analytics to target ads to the exact leads you want to convert them to sales.

This guide will take you through the process of maximizing your ad spend and converting more leads into sales without having to spend huge amounts of your ad budget.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is where you’re using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with the platform’s users so that you can build leads and either directly connect with them or drive them towards your website, with the goal being making sales.

Instead of having minimal information on the user, you can utilize the platform’s analytics and target the specific demographics that you believe will connect best with what you’re selling. As a result, your ads will only be displayed to consumers that may actually be interested in becoming customers.

Social media marketing allows your brand to show more of who you are, rather than just showing what you sell. It also connects you to consumers who are moving away from the web and staying within applications on their phones.

Why Search Engines Aren’t Enough Anymore

Customers want more from the brands they’re buying from now; they don’t just want to see what products you have and then purchase them. Instead, they want to make a connection, see what kind of company you are, and see if you fit into their ideals of what a brand should be.

Many younger consumers aren’t using search engines or brand loyalty to drive their purchasing; they’re looking at social media and influencers to see what they want to buy. As this trend continues, it will become more crucial to have a solid social media presence and sell through social media platforms or risk losing younger consumers.

While search engines are still important, you need to diversify where you’re spending your ad budget because people are changing how they use the internet and make purchases online.

Connecting To Leads At Peak Interest Is Crucial

Once you start advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll start getting leads. However, the longer it takes you to contact or provide the required information to this lead, the less likely you will be able to convert them to a paying customer.

You need to connect with your lead at the time of their peak interest in what you’re offering.

If a lead is showing interest right now, shouldn’t your sales team contact them to make a sale? The longer the lead waits, the more likely their interest will wane, or they’ll find something else they want.

In that situation, you’ve spent money on the lead but lost them due to not following up with the lead fast enough.

Marketing Via Facebook and Instagram Ads

With Facebook and Instagram Ads, you can create marketing campaigns for various products with different ads for different demographics to fully customize your marketing approach.

People will be able to go directly to your website, or they can look at your profile on the site. So one key piece of advice would be to ensure you have an active and interesting social media presence for any leads who want to find out more about you, not just visit your website.

It’s critical that you view social media as something different than traditional advertising. You can’t throw up a standard ad and expect the users to flock to your product. You need to understand the platform and the users and create ads that don’t necessarily look like ads.

Users don’t want you to sell them a product, they want to be sold on your brand to share something with you, and then they’ll buy your product.

Why Advertise Through Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with 2.85 billion active users, and Instagram has well over 1 million active users. When you consider mobile phone users spend between 3-4 hours every day on their phone, with 51% of that time spent on social media. You can see how many potential leads you’re going to get access to.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms around, so it makes sense to put your social media budget to work with them. You will be able to create marketing campaigns utilizing powerful analytics, so you target specific ads to the right audience and not waste your money.

You can even create multiple campaigns and target different audiences with different ads, so the power is really in your hands and how well you can use the analytics being provided to you. Using this type of marketing also allows you to perform A/B testing on what works best on each platform, so you can limit how much money is wasted on leads that don’t pan out.

Why You Need To Connect To Leads Instantly

Once you’ve spent your money bringing in a lead, it’s going to be crucial to converting that lead into a sale. It’s the entire purpose of spending the money, and while you can’t convert all leads, you’re wasting money if you take too long to contact them.

Depending on how long you take to contact a lead, they may still be interested, they may have forgotten all about you and why they clicked on your ad, or they may have moved on to a different company. The best time to make a sale is when they’re initially interested.

In anything that people do, they want a fast and efficient turnaround. If you walk into a store and want to buy something, if you need to wait in line, you might, but the longer you wait, the more likely you will leave. The same is true with social media marketing.

How Should You Connect To Quickly Convert Leads To Sales

In most situations, you should have a specific call to action setup on your ad. Different calls to action should direct the lead notification to the right people or software, which can automatically handle initial requests and direct an alert to a sales resource.

Rather than having your sales team check for leads when they have time or at certain times of the day, you should have something set up that instantly notifies your sales team of the lead. While emailing lead information is an ok option, it still requires the sales team to “pull” the notification by checking their email.

A better option would be utilizing a push notification, either using a mobile app, a phone call, or text message, or some other method for ensuring that sales know precisely when the lead is ready to discuss purchasing.

In an ideal situation, the following should be happening when a lead clicks on your targeted ad:

  • The lead should receive an automated message containing some initial information on the type of call to action they clicked on. This could be a simple email, a text message, or any other method you’re capturing in the call to action.
  • You should be capturing the lead information in some kind of database. First off, you want to know if they have shown interest in your product before. Second, you want to be able to follow up with the lead at a later date if an initial sale isn’t possible.
  • Your process should involve a push notification to an appropriate sales resource so they can instantly contact the lead. Preferably this would be within a few minutes of showing interest. Remember that the longer you wait, the less likely your lead will convert.
  • Your sales team should have received enough information in the push message to discuss with the lead, or they should have easy access to the captured data to discuss everything with the lead. This could even involve mobile access to a CRM solution.
  • If the sales team doesn’t connect with the lead or cannot close the deal, they should receive notifications or reminders to follow up with the lead. This follow-up should be set at specific times.
  • The sales resource assigned to the lead should have some way to indicate they have started the process and what steps have been taken. If the primary resource does not take control of the lead in a short time, it should be escalated to another sales resource to connect quickly.

There are many paid and free options that can help you implement the solutions above, CRM solutions, and Notification/Workflow solutions that can ensure the lead is always contacted quickly. Many of them even give you performance statistics on how well each sales resource is performing the contact, and if any are failing to contact leads within the SLA you are setting.

So with this process, you have a lead that’s shown interest in your product, and within a few minutes, you are contacting them to provide more information or even make the sale quickly.

The speed you can do this means that you’re talking to the lead at their peak interest in what you’re selling, so there is no better time to make the sale.

The longer you wait to contact a customer, the less likely you will make the sale. What’s also interesting is that people love instant gratification and connections. You show that you’re a professional and on-the-ball company, and it adds trust and credibility to you as a brand and makes the customer want to buy from you.

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