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What to do to create converting social media campaigns

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Social media marketing campaigns are a must for any business that wants to make sales in the digital age of technology. There are very few businesses that will survive without a social media marketing campaign and presence. But when it comes to creating an effective strategy so that your social media pages gain traction and direct the sales you want to see to your business, there can be some confusion. It can sometimes feel as if we are diving into the deep unknown to create a solid foundation for our business with a social media presence. The powers that be on these platforms can make it seem like an impossible feat when it comes to seeing traction on your pages by your audience. So let’s look at how you can create a social media marketing campaign that will convert sales.

Sell to the right people

The first question you need to ask yourself is where your clients are at? Are they on Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? TikTok? LinkedIn? What solution are your preferred customers looking for? To see the most conversion on your social media pages, you have to be selling to the right people in the right place. There is no point in trying to sell onions to people who want apples. So do that important research and find a niche and platform that works for your business. There are a lot of elements to consider when creating a social media campaign, but your primary aim is to create a presence that sells your business on the chosen platform.

Find the right platform for your business

The rule of thumb for social media marketing with your business is to stick to one platform and engage with your clients predominantly on that platform. You should have a presence on the other sites but aim to create content that reaches your clients specific to a single site. For example, Facebook requires a different approach than LinkedIn. You will want to track your data and research your competitors to ensure that your content on the right platform is good for your business and slightly ahead of the curve. Finding the right platform can take some experimentation, so don’t forgo using the tracking tools available to you. Taking that time to go the extra mile will pay off in your sales conversions.

Branding is key

Branding is something that your business should not take lightly. We often hear the word bandied around, but it is something that you have to do to see the best reach on your social media platforms. Branding includes everything from color schemes, aesthetics, logos and symbols, design, and the style and tone your business uses to describe itself. A company should have an integrated branding strategy to meet its customers and deliver a slick and concise branded message. While this may not feel as important as running some other aspects of your business, it will help customers distinguish you from the other brands selling the same products you are. Developing a brand and aesthetic will allow you to connect and draw in your customer base more efficiently. Marketing yourself around the content your clients want to see on their social media feeds will help you connect personally with your customers. A personal connection will always make for better sales for your business, and it is worth spending the extra time to create a really good branding strategy. Branding your business gives your business the extra edge it will need to convert the sales you want to see.

Develop a content strategy 

You have to create a content strategy if you want to see sales converting on your page. While you know that your social media pages are meant to create converting leads for your business, your customer will not continue returning to your business if they are constantly being sold something. That is not a value add to them, and they will quickly lose interest in what you are selling. The most effective strategy to follow is creating 80% of your content as valuable information to your customer. That creates interest and helps your customer see what you offer without constantly selling your business. This can be behind the scenes, employee profiles, helpful information relating to your niche, and other information. Then focus 20% of your social media content on pushing sales. It’s essential to engage your clients with value to keep them coming back to your business.

Hack the algorithm

Each platform has an optimum schedule for positing that will see your business remaining relevant to the algorithms it uses. Instagram requires that you post 3 -7 times a week, create stories for followers to engage with someone in the business personally, and, most recently, create reels. Something to keep in the front of your mind as you go about marketing your business is that video is becoming an increasing phenomenon for these platforms. Instagram has rebranded itself as a video-sharing app and so will actively promote video posts over pictures. With the capabilities that phones have today, this isn’t something to worry about. Your phone has the ability to shoot great videos. It may take some innovation and learning to make the most of this new trend, but you can see enormous organic growth on your social media pages by using video and following the platform trends.

Social media marketing is something that you have to do when you are in business. Social media is an excellent place to be selling your business and has a huge opportunity for converting sales. Do the research and go the extra mile to make the most of your marketing campaigns. Take time to understand what makes a good social media marketing campaign and act on it.

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