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Why you should be using SMS marketing to market your business

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Have you begun SMS marketing yet? If you haven’t, then this is your sign that you need to start now. There are many opportunities for your business growth to multiply exponentially when you use SMS marketing in conjunction with your other social media and online marketing tactics. This article is going to lay out why you should start an SMS marketing campaign today.

SMS marketing has higher open rates than emails

With an integrated online marketing strategy, you should be making the most out of the opportunities which email marketing presents. Don’t get us wrong; email marketing is a great way to convert sales from your loyal customers. However, SMS marketing takes the reach of email marketing a step further. It is straightforward for your customer to see an email from your business and dismiss the notification on their phone, which joins the multitude of other marketing emails they receive. They will open it if they see something eye-catching. But the likelihood is that most of your emails will be lost to your customer’s spam box. With SMS marketing, there is no possibility of it being marked as spam. If it’s sent, it is received by your customer. SMS is a short, simple, and powerful way to give your business traction. It only takes a glimpse from your customer to see the specials and deals you’re sharing when it is sent via SMS. That split second on the eye is enough to prompt them go to your web store.

SMS marketing is cheap

Facebook Ads are something that you will be familiar with if you own a business and run an online marketing strategy. There are so many ways for Facebook ads to be a bonus to your business. Where they aren’t a bonus? The price. Facebook ads can add up very quickly, and the money you spend doesn’t always guarantee that you will see converting sales for the amount of money you are spending. With SMS marketing, the price is much, much, much cheaper than Facebook ads. Not only are you spending less money on your advertising, but if you are doing it right, then you are also getting better converting sales from your efforts for less money. It seems like a pretty good reason to investigate making SMS marketing work for you.

It’s mobile-friendly

SMS marketing is, of course, mobile-friendly. SMS marketing is a no-brainer as every person you target for sales walks around all day with a phone in hand. While social media marketing is potent and has its benefits, you rely on people to open the app on their phones to see your posts. Throughout the scrolling your customers are doing, they have to still come across your business, see value in that one post, be motivated to act on it, head to your online store, and then make the purchase. That is a lot of steps between marketing the product to the sale of the product. With an SMS to your loyal customer base, you are guaranteed that your marketing campaigns will be seen in one smooth viewing that can be acted on easily.

Reach a wider demographic 

Every person your business is targeting has a cellphone, including a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Social media platforms can be limited to who is using them. For example, Instagram caters to people looking for inspiration, and Facebook caters to people searching for connections and solutions to problems. While these specifics are great for reaching your clients, you want to reach as many as possible when it comes to selling your product and service. SMS marketing allows you to engage with a wide range of customers away from social media sites to make more conversions.

You can be sure of delivery

When you are using any other type of advertising, you are not guaranteed that your message is being received. All other forms of marketing require action from your customer, either using a search engine, or clicking on an ad, or opening a social media app. Even email marketing requires an opening by your client. But SMS marketing allows your customer to immediately see the ad in a short and sweet message that hits the target of getting your message out into the world. You can be assured that your customers are seeing your message. This makes it incredibly effective marketing and worth the extra effort of integrating into your marketing campaigns.

SMS can be personalized

When converting your customer’s loyalty into a sale, they don’t want to feel like they are being sold something. People like to be let in on the “secret” about the deal that you are offering. This makes for powerful marketing opportunities. But treating your customer with a personalized message that hits all their needs when it comes to having their problems solved by your business is an incredible bonus to any marketing campaign. Other forms of media do not allow for this to be the reality when it comes to greeting and interacting with your customer on a personal level. With this level of personalization and reach of your marketing, all your other advertising avenues are strengthened. Your social media, website, and other platforms will see more traffic and complement your sales strategy.

SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that can only benefit your business. Social media marketing and other forms of marketing are all swamped with businesses selling their products and services, and you will struggle to get traction without meeting your clients at a personal level. SMS marketing is not spammy; it converts sales with a personal connection, it’s quick and easy, and it’s cheap. Using SMS marketing will enhance any other sales strategy that you have, and it is something that you should be integrating.

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Interested in Intrelligent?

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